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Latest Article — Second Thoughts? How to Get Your Tattoo Removed

I get asked this question a lot by people who either got a tattoo done by some hack who butchered the job or who simply regret getting the tattoo at all. Yes, there are ways to get your tattoo removed if that’s what you want — laser tattoo removal has been around for a while by now. It works by breaking up the ink under your skin and, over a period of time, your own body flushes it all out. There are other methods, but laser surgery is the best from what I’ve seen and heard. Here’s what you need to know about it:

#1 — It Doesn’t Leave Scars

Unlike other types of tattoo removal procedures, laser surgery does not cause any permanent scarring to your skin. It will have to be covered and the affected area could be tender for a while, but you won’t have any lasting marks.

#2 — You Might Need More Than One Treatment

Depending on the size, colour, type of ink, and depth of the ink under your skin for your tattoo, you might need to have the whole thing removed in more than one session. Plain black ink is easier to remove, while full coloured tattoos are more difficult and take longer to remove.

#3 — It Doesn’t Really Hurt At All

You’re usually given some general pain killer in the area where your tattoo is removed so it feels numb during the surgery, so you might feel a bit weird or uncomfortable but that’s as bad as it should be. Without the numbing, the removal process can be more painful than getting the tattoo, but is still not that serious.

#4 — There’s No 100% Guarantee for a Full Removal

Some tattoos cannot be completely removed, depending again on the size, colour, ink, and depth of the tattoo. If you just want to remove it so you can get a different one, the surgery will at least lighten it enough that it can be covered by your new tattoo.